Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Starting a Food Blog

Judima, rice wine of the Dimasas

A Dimasa dish called Khari made of pumpkin and ash gourd

Fern salad

Buns fresh from the oven

Prune tart against a vase of snap dragons

Although I have been blogging on plants and nature for the past few years, my interest has turned increasingly towards food. I do a fair amount of cooking and of course a LOT of recipe browsing and viewing. My blog will be mostly about the kind of food that I generally cook. It's a blend of flavours right from Dimasa cooking (the community I belong to), Indian food, dishes of our region with its varied seasonal vegetables, as well as a bit of baking.
The photos above show 1. Judima-home-brewed rice wine of the Dimasas. I'll be including the recipe in a future post. 2. Khari is a dish that's made of vegetables with the addition of dried fish and alkali. 3. This edible fern known as Daomalai in Dimasa is popular in our region. The last two pictures are of what I love to bake occasionally.
I'm looking forward to this new journey, the learning experience, and the friendship(s) as I explore the fascinating world of food. Thank you for stopping by today.
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