Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Joy Of Cooking!

Chocolate/citrus cake for my niece, Sunaina

The last days of May went off in a flurry of my sister's and a few friends. The school results (classes ten and twelve) were announced and that called for celebrations. At my sister's, her eldest daughter Sunaina, (the one who's being fed a piece of cake as her mother looks on) is likely to pursue her career in medicine. I had made the cake by adding the rind and the juice of a sweet grapefruit. The flavour was light but refreshing! After pouring the ganache, I made the swirls with a knife. Everybody loved it...the swirls and the taste!!:)

Breakfast fare
My younger son is also home now for the summer break and it's a joy to have him around. The breakfast of puri (puffed Indian flatbread) and Kabuli chana (chickpea) was what he woke up to on his first morning home after several months. Fried chicken  with lemon grass, roast pork and all the delicacies are made on a regular basis. It's a more laden table:) now, not only for him but for anybody who drops by. The joy of cooking/baking has increased manifold!
Some of the (recent) baked goodies from my kitchen
The Kairi tarts were made again as the mangoes are about to ripen. I'll have to wait another year to bake these...this sweet tart has already established itself as a summer treat!

Here's to all youngsters who have crossed the first hurdle. I wish you all a bright future!
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