Friday, February 7, 2014

Dragon Arctic Roll (Inspired by Jamie Oliver)

Food shows are what I watch most of the time. The other day I saw the one where Jamie Oliver makes a Dragon Arctic Roll. I was so fascinated by the dish that I even dreamt about it that night. My younger son was home for a few days and this was what I made for him yesterday. I'm not including the recipe here. The link here doesn't leave out any details and I followed the same.
The stages of the roll

 The collage above shows from top, clockwise: creating the marble effect on the sponge, rolling it while still warm, spreading jam on the sponge, and putting blobs of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream before rolling and putting in the freezer for three hours.
There was no strawberry jam in the supermarket that I usually go to so I used mixed fruit jam. Before the sponge is rolled, a crunchy bar is crushed and added. I was concentrating so much on the other components that I forgot to add that ingredient! Luckily I also found strawberries at the local fruit market. They weren't very sweet but looked good on the plate along with the black grapes. And although the roll wasn't round enough, the effort was worthwhile as we all loved the taste!

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