Friday, July 25, 2014

Mudru/ A Stew Of Vegetables & Fish

I have written about the Dimasa dish called mudru in one of my previous posts. Leafy greens that thrive during this season taste delicious in mudru. The two varieties I used in this particular dish are vegetable fern/Diplazium esculentum and a variety of clerodendrum known as mishimou in my mother tongue. Vegetable fern is said to be the most consumed fern in tropical counties. We often have it stir-fried, added to dal, fish curry, and also added to fried meat dishes. Another post for mudru can be seen here.
A dish of mudru with banana flower, vegetable fern & clerodendrum colebrookianum

1 banana flower (the tender part only)
A small bunch of vegetable fern broken into similar lengths
A bunch of edible clerodendrum, twist and tear into similar sizes
2 pieces of fried fish
2-3 chillies scored lengthwise
A small piece of ginger, pounded
A few black pepper corns, coarsely ground
Salt to taste
Water {or fish stock (optional)}

Heat about half and half of fish stock (if using) and water. Remove the floret bunches along with the covering. Because the tender portions are used, everything can go into the pot. There is no need to remove the pistils individually.
When the banana flowers are nearly done add the leafy greeens. Add the chillies and season with salt.
Cook for another five minutes before adding the fried fish pieces.
As soon as the fish is done and the mixture looks homogenous, sprinkle the pepper powder and add the ginger.Give it a good stir taking care not to break the fish. Remove from the stove.
This dish goes best with steaming hot rice.
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