Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bengali Food Festival

When I read about the Bengali Food Festival at one of the hotels here in our city I couldn't wait to taste the goodies there! Kiranshree Portico, the hotel which organized the festival is planning to come up with such events every two months or so. I missed the Marwari Food Festival which was held earlier. Just look at that laden plate. Too much, for sure but so delicious!
Hilsa cooked two ways: paturi & bhapa
The Bengali menu wouldn't be complete without hilsa and here are the two ways the fish was cooked. One was paturi, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. The other (ilish bhapa)was steamed without the wrapping. In both the dishes, the sauce came from a paste of mustard and poppy seeds.
Kochuri (top), pulao and payesh
The rest of the plate had a few vegetable dishes like potoler dolma (pointed gourd stuffed with potatoes), alur dom ( potato curry), a salad, and a sweet chutney. The two kinds of dal served were moong and chana with pieces of coconut in the latter. Rice was done two ways, one plain and the other made into pulao. The kochuri (dough rolled with a stuffing of lightly spiced mashed and fried peas) was excellent. The meal ended with payesh/rice pudding.

The young chef is Ranabir Dey who specializes in North Indian cuisine. But being a Bengali by birth the entire cooking must have been a piece of cake for him. I'm looking forward to going to more such festivals.

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