Monday, July 20, 2015

A Short Trip To Meghalaya

A variety of ginger blooming in Umden
In my last post I had mentioned about our trip to Meghalaya. Today I'm sharing some of the pictures I had taken on that trip. Going to the "Abode Of The Clouds" for that is the meaning of the word, Meghalaya, it's apt that we are greeted by dense mist/fog on a rainy July morning. We had wanted to go to another location but it was booked till a certain date so we headed to Umden.

A tea garden on the way to our destination. Umden is a village that is about 55 kms from our city. We headed to the Eco Park that has two cottages with basic amenities. The owners, a Khasi couple, went out of their way to make our stay most comfortable. Food was simple and prepared with minimal ingredients, all put in a bamboo hollow and cooked on an open fire. The aroma was wonderful and reminded us of the chutneys and the steamed preparations using bamboo.

Our cottage in the woods.:)
Front view of the cottage
The cottages were very clean and comfortable. Food was served in the dining area and every dish was made with locally grown/sourced ingredients. Even the bamboo used for cooking was freshly cut. The flavour and the aroma was fantastic. Unfortunately, because of the low lighting, I couldn't get clear pictures in the dining area.
This collage shows mt brother-in-law having a go at angling. Later Ilias, the owner caught a fish. All the time spent turned out to be fruitful! Bird's eye chillies are widely grown and used in local cuisine.
The next day we headed to Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.
A view of Shillong from Galeria restaurant at Centre Point hotel.

The hotel lobby had beautiful floral arrangements. Honestly I had never used mother-in-law's tongue/Sansevieria in decorating before. Love the idea!

Apart from the local cuisine, it's always Chinese food that we eat hog whenever we are there. Chicken and pork dumplings, two kinds of chicken, noodles and fried rice were what we had. Each dish was delicious!

Then we went to Ward's lake, another popular tourist destination. The hydrangeas must have have been a sight to behold a month or so earlier. I always enjoy walking around this lake and feeding the fishes from the bridge. But now the bridge is being repaired and it did look as if something was missing...
Water lilies, dahlias, rudbeckias and zinnias in bloom.

Ducks resting on the green slopes

Never seen fungi like this one before!
View from the restaurant where we stopped for coffee
On our return we stopped for a coffee break/long walk on the banks of this lake at Umiam also known as Barapani. The lake has boating and other water sports facilities.
Umiam lake
Soon it was time to head back home. And cook with the beautiful ingredients we had bought on this trip.:)
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