Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our Holiday In The Andamans

Delectable seafood that we gorged on. And my pina colada.
Our recent holiday to the Andamans was lovely! Beautiful beaches, wide open spaces and seeing the places that we had heard about from our childhood was a dream come true.

Caught the first view of the island before landing in Port Blair. It was a pleasant flight from Kolkata that lasted for a little more than two hours.
The hotel we stayed in was comfortable but the food in the restaurant wasn't anything to write home about. I only liked the seafood biryani that was generous in its use of prawns and pieces of fish. But breakfast was good with the usual fare of toasted bread with accompaniments, vada, idli, and sambar. We had no complaints.
The Cellular Jail
The Cellular jail was also known as Kala Pani was a colonial prison. Many notable dissidents were imprisoned here during the freedom movement. The complex is now a national memorial monument.
Corbyn's Cove near Port Blair

Jhaal muri
One of the much-loved beach snacks at Corbyn's Cove is jhaal muri. Puffed rice mixed with peanuts, dried peas, bhujjia with chopped chillies, onions and other spices with a dash of mustard oil. Watching the waves and the setting sun, we munched on jhaal muri and fesh tender coconut (after drinking the sweet water).
Havelock Island Resort
After a two-day stay in Port Blair we headed to the island of Havelock which was a two-hour ferry ride away. The resort here was beautiful with cottages all across the property. There were several coconut groves and the garden had a wonderful collection of plants. The place is only a year old and the flowering shrubs are still small. In a few years I'm sure the place will look even more beautiful.

The sea was in the backyard and it was interesting to see small clumps of mangrove on the beach.

I spent a lot of time walking on the beach. There were plenty of mudskippers.

These blooms must be related to the morning glory I think but the leaves look so different.

I was delighted to see this in Havelock. Apparently the store which is also an internet cafe does very well during the tourist season. That's from December to March. Loved the coffee/chocolate gelato that I had here.

Soon it was time to return by ferry to Port Blair. I thought I would get better shots of the island from above on our return flight to Kolkata. But it had rained in the morning and it was cloudy so no luck. I'll soon get back to my know how it is to get back home after a holiday.:)
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