Mugongre/Blumea balsamifera, the leaves are used for chutney

Chameleon plant/Hoyttuynia cordata
Also known as heartleaf, fishwort, and bishop's weed, it's made into chutney and also added to fish dishes. Mojokhmao (D).
A plant from the ginger family, Alpinia nigra, its stems and fruit are used in cooking. Dera (D).

Ginger leaves are cooked and also used as a garnish in many of our dishes. Hajing blai (D)
Indian olives/Elaeocarpus floribundas
 These acidic fruits are widely available in our region during the winter months. These are commonly consumed in the form of pickles and chutneys. I took this picture after the fruit was blanched and was ready to be sunned for the afternoon. Bon Khangkhrai (D).

Bahanda/Ocimum basilicum is the most popular herb for chutney (shaphinyaba) and for the final garnish of our khari dishes. Miya hon/bamboo shoot khari thickened with rice flour would be incomplete without bahanda.
Khlimbra, another herb from the basil family smells more pungent than bahanda. This is used for chutney as well as for making khari/hon.

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