Recipe Index


1.Mutton Biryani 
2.Corn Pulao
3.Sweet Steamed Sticky Rice Parcels
4.Keema Pulao 


1. Baking The Basic Bread
2. Braided Bread/Finnish Pulla
3.Braided Poppy Seed Bread 
4. Chocolate Marble Bread 
5.Corn Cakes With Cheese
6. Foccacia With Roasted Plum Tomatoes
7.Ande Ka Paratha/Egg Paratha  

Cakes & Muffins

1.Coffee Cake with Caramel Sauce
2.Lemon Cake With Lemon Dressing
3.Jambu Muffins
4.Orange Cake
5. Savoury Corn Muffins
6. Guava Muffins With A Crumble Topping
7.Beetroot Brownies
8. Chocolate Cake With Cherries
9.Double Chocolate Gateau
10.Baba Cakes In A Brandy/Apple Syrup
11.Pineapple Upside Down Cake
12.Upside Down Guava & Caramel Cake
13.Cake Donuts
14.Apple Cake
15.Piece Of Cake! (Chiffon/Marble)
16.Dundee Cake
17.Mini Plum Cakes 
18.Orange Cake With Gowardhan Gulab Jamun Mix
19.Savoury Cake With Prunes, Pistachios & Cheese
20.Coconut Loaf Cake
21.Savoury Cake With Black Rice
22.Pumpkin Loaf Cake
23.Upside down Cherry Cake 
24. Apple & Fig cake 
25. Dried Fig Cake
26. Lemony Coconutty Cake With Perilla Seeds 
28.Apple Cake With Honey & Walnut Topping 
29.Starfruit Upside Down Cake 
30.Cake With Dried Apricots 
31.Orange & Almond Syrup Cake 
32.Plum Cake 
33.Spiced Pear Loaf Cake With White Chocolate 
34.Coffee Loaf With Orange Frosting 
35.Chocolate Chip Muffins With A Dash Of Cinnamon 
36.Banana Loaf With Chocolate/Hazelnut Frosting 
37.Lemon Curd Layer Cake
38.Orange & Almond Syrup Cake  
39.Orange Polenta Cake 
40.Orange Chocolate Cake 
41.Banana Jam Cake With Canola Oil 


1. Tomato Chutney
2.More Chutney including roselle & tomato
3.Naphlam Achar/Fermented Fish Pickle
4.Starfruit Chutney
5.Tomato Chutney (2)
6.Mango Chutney
7.Green Tomato Chutney
8.Fig & Cape Gooseberry Chutney 
9. Green Tomato Chutney/2
10.Jalpai/Indian Olive Pickle


1.Bottle Gourd Raita
2.Cucumber Raita 
3.Eggplant Raita



Dimasa Food:

1.Baked...In Banana Leaves
2.Chicken Curry, the Dimasa Way
3.Judima, the Dimasa Rice Wine
4.Okra With Eggs/Bhendi Yaoyaba Daodi Jang
5.Shnem Seeds
6.The Dimasa Khari
7.Dera a.k.a. Alpinia Nigra
8.Miya Mikhri With Pumpkin And Sponge Gourd
9.Khari With Smoked Meat
10. Brengjithai/Cooking In Bamboo
11.Smoked Meat In Dal
12.Mudru Shamlai
13.Smoked Pork Curry With Colocasia
14.Pork & Pumpkin Curry
15.Bombay duck Curry With Cucumber
16 Chicken Curry With Colocasia
17.Nathu Graain Jang Daodi/Eggs With Dried Shrimp
18.Sbai Rujung/A Dish Of Beans
19.Chana Yaoyaba/Fried Chickpeas
20.Lai Hon
21.Goat's Head Curry & Brain Chutney
22.Mudru/A Stew Of Vegetables & Fish
23.Khlimbra Hon
24. Daono-hain Jang Laishu Hon
25 Smoked Pork Curry With Colocasia
26.Pork Curry With Ash Gourd
27.Pork Belly With Lai(marinated With Judima)/Inspired by Luke Nguyen
28.Bairethai Shaphiyaba/Stinky Bean Chutney
29.Mudru Shamlai/A Dimasa Dish (With Chicken Stock)
30.Spring Onion Naphlam Chutney
31.Steamed Fish Chutney With Spring Onions & King Chilli
32.Mutton Curry With Vegetables
33.Cooking With French Bean Seeds
34.Manglai Maiju & Chicken Soup
35.Smoked Chicken & Bamboo Shoot Curry
36. Chicken & Pumpkin Curry
37.Fish Curry With Ridge Gourd & Potatoes
38.Masur Dal With Amarath Stems
39.Colocasia Shoots With Dried Fish
40.Sbai Rujung/A Dish Of Beans
41.Chicken curry With Colocasia
42. Fried Rice With Corn/Maiju Manglai
43.Naphlam Achar/Fermented Fish Pickle
44.Egg & Potato Curry
45.Nathu Graain Jang Daodi/Eggs With Dried Shrimp


 1.Black Rice Pudding
2.Creme Caramel with Coconut Milk
3.Mango Dessert With Passion Fruit & Cream
4.Bread Dessert
5.Botvyanchi Kheer
6.Makhana Kheer
7 Bread Dessert
8.Jamun Kulfi
9. Anjeer Ki Kheer
10.Spiced-up Bread Pudding 
11.Chocolate Mousse
12.Sabudana Kheer 
13.Sticky Rice Phirni 
14.Bread & Butter Pudding With Oranges, Cardamom & Saffron


1.Egg & Potato Curry
2.Eggs Fried In Batter


1. A Simple Fish Curry
2. Steamed Hilsa In A Mustard Sauce
3. Fish Baked In Turmeric Leaves
4. Coral jasmine Blooms With Fish
5.Seaweed and Fish-ball Soup
6. Za'atar-encrusted Fish With Mango Salsa
7.Hilsa With Coconut Milk
8.Fish Steamed In Bottle Gourd Leaves


1.Curried Lamb
2. Mutton Curry With Apricots
3.A Simple Mutton Curry
4.Mutton Curry With Turnips 

Pies & Tarts:

1.Apple Pie
2 Hand Pies With A Sweet Coconut Filling
3.Rustic Tart
4.Kairi Tart(Tart made of green mangoes)
5. Vegetable Pie 
6. Polenta Tart
7.Pear Pie
8. Starfruit Pie
9. Mincemeat Pies
10. A Mixed Fruit Pie
11.My Very Berry Pie
12. Apple Tart/Fruit Crumble Tart
13. Lemon Tart
14. Jam Tarts With Hazelnuts
15. A Chocolate Tart For Nava's Blog
16. Indian Jujube & Prune Tart
17. Hung Curd Tart
18. Cherry Frangipane Tart
19.Strawberry & Hung Curd Tart
20. Mini Cherry Pies
21.Asparagus & Cherry Tomato Cheese Tarts 
22.Galette de rois
23.Lemon Tartlets 
24. Galettes
25. Asparagus & Cherry Tomato Cheese Tarts
26. Prune & Rum Tarts
27.Banana Chocolate Tarts
28.Chicken & Potato Pies 
29.Savoury Pumpkin & Hung Curd Tarts
30.Prune Tart 
31.Fusion Pie 
32.Hand Pies With A Filling Of Apple Compote & Almond Cream 
33. Amandine/Almond Tart (No recipe here)
34.Apricot & Almond Tart ( No recipe here)
35.Starfruit & Apple Pie 
36.Apple Pie With A leafy Crust 
37.Potato, Leek & Broccoli Pie 
38.White Chocolate & Cardamom Tart 
39.Starfruit jam Tarts
40.Cape Gooseberry Tart With Almond Cream 
41.Linzer Torte For Valentine's Day 
42.Onions & Goat's Cheese Tart With Zucchini Lattice 
43.Chicken Pot Pies
44.Marbled Chocolate Tarts With Strawberries 
45.Kairi Tart Again 


1.Bean & Pork Salad With Sesame Seeds
2.Cherry Tomato& Roasted Beet Salad
3.Vegetable Fern Salad
4. Mango & Vegetable Fern Salad
5.Fish Mint & Fried Fish Salad
6. Bejewelled Couscous Salad 
7.Warm Hyacinth Bean Salad
8.Lettuce, Plum Tomato & Starfruit Salad
9.Plum Tomato & Lettuce Salad With Bandel Cheese
10.Salad of Burrata, Pear, Fig & Spinach
11. Caprese Salad

Summer Coolers:

1.Watermelon Granita
2.Jamun Drink


1.Spinach, Purslane& Salami Quiche
2.Asparagus & Potato Quiche
3.Polenta Quiche
4.Amaranth Polenta Quiche
5.Quiche With Salami & Foraged Greens 
6.Broccoli & Chicken Quiche 
7.Chard & Salami Quiche

Vegetable Dishes:

1.Jackfruit Curry
2.Tiny Potatoes
3. Cooking With Teasle Gourd
4. Bendakaya Gojju/South Indian Okra Dish
5. Snake Gourd With A Cheesy Filling
6. Banana Koftas
7. Cooking With Lai/Brassica juncea
8. Eggplant & Cheese Dish
9. Garlic Curry
10. Brinjal Curry
11. Curry Of Mushroom, Cashews & Makhana
12. Cluster Beans/Guar Ki Sabzi
13.Bharwan Bhindi
14. A Dish Made Of Banana Blossoms 
15. Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers
16.Sangri Ki Sabji
17.Curried Chickpeas With Pumpkin 
18.Stuffed Bottle Gourd
19.Fried Green Tomatoes
20.Dal With Spinach & Grilled Paneer 
21.Dal Cooked With Okra 


1.Potato, Salami & Bamboo Shoot Soup
2.Tomato Soup 
3. Pumpkin Soup 
4. Thukpa/Noodle Soup 
5. Broth Of Duck, Ginger & Amaranth
6. Lai, Carrot & Bean Soup 

Sweet & Savoury Snacks: 
1.Mozzarella Fritters With Spicy Tomato Chutney 
2.Ricotta & Chocolate Hand Pies 
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